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Wraith of Khalal Rankings

Khalal 2: The Awakening

RPG-2100 * THE AWAKENING is the second on a series of on-line games
sharing the same interface and "look and feel," as well as an awareness
for DESQVIEW and WINDOWS to allow you to multi-task smoothly, with support
for single and multinode BBSes as well as non-standard serial port setting.

In this, the second of the series, you have been summoned to one of
the countries of the land once again.  However, this time the old men
of the land doubt your ability to complete your mission.

It is 57 years after you prevented the awakening (RPG-2100 * The wraith
of Khalal) and Khalal has finally been awaken by its wraith.  The old 
men of the city gather around the sacred fire and wish for a champion
to come and help them destroy the evil semi-god, semi-dragon.  It is 
then that you find your self back in "The Land."  

When the old wise man Drakgos sees you, he first doubts your ability to
bring peace back to the land.  You have aged and are now 77 years old.
Drakgos foresees your dying at the age of 99.  The place where Khalal
has settled his empire of darkness is many years away from the city.
The only solution, The Fountain Of Youth located in the newly discovered
Southern Continent.

You will find your self involved in many fights against many evil
servants of Khalal.  You'll travel the land in search of clues to 
the location of both Khalal and the Fountain of Youth.  You must
unravel the mystery of The Land Of Eternal Confusion II, the dark
countries of the North territory, and the treachorous Electrified

Play as a FIGHTER and become a master of wars by raising your attributes
at any of the local Gyms, use weapons of incredible destructive range.
Visit the local fleemarket and buy the gifts from the Sacred Fire.  
Read scrolls that allow you to cast magic and search for the highest
treasure of the land:  Khalal's Mystic Armor!

Or choose the path of mystery and knowledge and become a WIZARD, learn
new spells as you increase your level.  Cast healing spells and heal
your self while in battle without the need of Healing Potions, search
for the Undimensional Wand and be unstoppable!  Become the most
powerful WIZARD in the land and paralize your foes for a quick kill!

Or, be a ROGUE and share the benefits of both WIZARD and FIGHTERS.
You can always teleport away from the evil ones when you find your
self in a bad situation.

Explore the vast world of the land and avoid unnecessary battles when
you can, for when the time is ripe to battle to the death, only one man
leaves the arena ALIVE!  While interacting with the world around you,  
you will discover the many dangers and blessings of the land.  Finally,
destroy all the other players who dare step in to the land!

An incredible adaptation of role-playing specially designed for BBSes!