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                           THE QUEST FOR THE ORB

                (C)opyright Gargoyle Productions, 1991-98
                      ANSI Title by Jeffrey Itzstein


Arrowbridge is a game based on Dungeons & Dragons but is far simpler,
and at the same time far more complicated.  The game is designed to be as
realistic as possible without making it unplayable.  The most enjoyable
aspect of the game is the ability to compete with up to one hundred other
REAL players and other Bulletin Board Systems.  Players that sleep in the
wilderness can be encountered by live players and the program will act on
their behalf.  The game can be played instantly by beginners as it is very
simple for low level players and particularly easy to play even if the user
has never played any form of role playing game.  Once a player has reached
higher levels the game becomes particularly complex as players have to juggle
armies, castles, groups, taxation, assassins, and many other features.  All
in all, there is something for everyone!

Note: Unregistered versions do not permit the purchase of riders & knights
and players will not be able to advance to level 10.  Registration is
inexpensive - see the sysop.doc file for more information.


Five thousand years ago an evil wizard named Zombre Bryan dominated the
land.  This barbaric ruler was thought to have been incarnated by Lucifer
himself.  His great powers caused lakes and rivers to dry up, crops died
and the land became totally infertile.  Over three quarters of the
villagers perished in less than four years and his great armies murdered
those who would not (and could not) pay their excessively high taxes.

Prince Tabian, son of the murdered king, formed an army of lawless
resolutes, which, with the aid of the mystic orb created by the wizard
Merxon, finally became known as the Legion of Arrowbridge.  The Legion
hunted the armies of Zombre Bryan for several decades and finally destroyed
his empire.  The evil wizard disappeared a few months prior to his armies'
extinction and has never been seen again.

Recently, there has been renewed interest in the realms of Arrowbridge
by the forces of evil.  Mystics all over the land report evidence of
increasing evil presence.  The Orb of Tabian also, has been missing for
over one thousand years and there is growing concern that its mighty power
may cause the destruction of all that reside in the land if it is
discovered.  A call has gone out by the wizard Merxon for a champion to
rid the land of the evil invaders and reclaim the lost Orb!


There are four classes available to thee.  The capabilities of each class
are shown below:

*Class : KNIGHT

Best Weapon : Two-Handed Sword         Best Projectile : Crossbow
Best Armour : Full Plate               Best Shield     : God

Moves Per Day : standard

*Special Abilities -

Strength - A Knight is the strongest character class.  A Knight will
inflict more damage per hit in combat, have a higher maximum
health point count, and will be able to carry more equipment than 
other class of similar level and will defend more effectively.

Powerblow - A Knight will be able to use a special ability called the
Powerblow once every (20-level) combat rounds.  When an enemy is struck
with a Powerblow, double damage will be inflicted.

Army Command - A Knight will receive a 15% bonus on the strength of any
army that they command.
*Class : THIEF

Best Weapon : Short-sword              Best Projectile : Crossbow
Best Armour : Ring Mail                Best Shield     : Small

Moves Per Day : (1+level/20) times that of other classes

*Special Abilities -

Concealment - Thieves will not be visible to other players when travelling
in the wilderness unless accompanied by an army.

Perception - Thieves will be able to use their acute sense of perception
to detect most secret passages automatically in dungeons.

Agility - Thieves can avoid projectiles with greater ease and are typically
very difficult to strike.  A thief can also travel far greater distances
in a single day.  Thieves begin combat rounds at greater distances from
the enemy and will often have extra combat rounds.

Backstab - The first attack of a thief will incur in excess of double the
usual damage due to the backstab ability.

Steal - Thieves can steal gold from castle treasuries.  The amount they are
capable of stealing is (level^2)*20 but if funds are insufficient or if
the guards are particularly alert then they will be caught.
*Class : WIZARD

Best Weapon : Mace                     Best Projectile : Sling   
Best Armour : Hardened Leather         Best Shield     : Wooden

Moves Per Day : standard

*Special Abilities -

Magic - Wizards are masters of magic and can cast many powerful spells.  A
high level wizard is a very powerful adversary!  The ability to heal makes
a wizard difficult to defeat.
*Class : RANGER

Best Weapon : Two-Handed Sword         Best Projectile : Crossbow
Best Armour : Full Plate               Best Shield     : Dragon

Moves Per Day : standard

*Special Abilities -

Non-offensive magic - Rangers have mastered some non-offensive spells to
assist them in their adventures.


Experience is accumulated by killing monsters that threaten thee or through
army battles.  Thy level will be promoted automatically when thy experience
is sufficient.  However, once level eight is reached, further advancement
will only be granted after completion of a special mission.


Gold can be found scattered around the land, by killing monsters or by
raiding the burial chambers located in graveyards.


Within each settlement the following options will be available:

[A]rmy - Armies may be purchased by adventurers of any level.  Riders and
Knights can be purchased only from special settlements.

[B]ank - Which Bank?  Arrowbank!  Options include:

  [C]urrent Balance - Shows thy bank balance (gains 1% interest per day)
  [D]eposit         - Deposit into thine account or another's.
  [L]oans           - Borrow gold for purchases (5% interest per day)
  [W]ithdraw        - Withdraw from thy account.

[C]astle Commands - Access the commands for castle owners or when
laying seige to a castle.  [See "Castle Commands" for more information]

[G]amble - Enter the roulette chamber and gamble thy gold!  Note: The
maximum amount of gold that can be gambled in any one bet is 20000 gp.

[H]eal - Heal thy wounds and cure thy poison.

[L]ibrary - The library contains valuable information, past and present.
The library functions are as follows:

   [I]nstructions - This document!

   [L]ist of Adventurers - Displays a ranked list of adventurers in this
   land of Arrowbridge.

   [N]etwork List - Displays a sorted list of networked adventurers.

   [P]ost Message - Send another adventurer a message on the noticeboard.
   Messages may be posted to other systems when operating in an
   Inter-BBS mode.

   [T]op Adventurers - Displays a list of adventurers who have advanced
   considerably in the history of the game.

   [W]ho is in Arrowbridge - Shows adventurers currently in the land
   of Arrowbridge and their activity.

[P]otions - Healing potions are available from towns.  They can be
particularly helpful when travelling far from a settlement.  At least
one potion should be carried at all times.  Potions will also cure thy

[R]etire to Inn - Sleep in safety.  An inn is 100% safe from intruders.

[S]tore - Purchase weapons, armour, projectiles, shields and torches.

[T]avern - Important information can be gained from those in the tavern!
Not only do taverns produce some of the finest ale in the land, but many
interesting characters can be found in the taverns dotted throughout the 
realm.  Visit taverns often.  Beware: thou must not drink too much.

*The Noticeboard

A noticeboard will be displayed upon entry into any settlement if 
there are any messages for thee.


Combat takes place when an enemy is encountered.  It is performed on a
round-by-round basis.  As thy level increases, thou will be able to perform
more attacks in a single round when attacking lower level enemies.

[A]ttack - Attack thine enemy with thy melee weapon.

[C]ast - Allows wizards and rangers to cast combat spells.

[D]rink - Drink a healing potion for extra health and poison curing.

[F]ire - Fires a projectile at thine enemy.  The chance of a standard
projectile missing is proportional to the distance that the projectile
must travel.  Projectiles cannot be fired when adjacent to thy enemy.
Projectiles may occasionally strike thy opponent as a critical hit - for
example, penetrating an eye, and in such cases much more damage will be

[1-9] - Movement commands.  Use thy keypad and ensure Num Lock is ON!

Note that melee and projectile weapons may only be used if they have been
previously arranged by the [A]rrange command in the movement menu.


[N,E,S,W] Direction commands

[A]rrange/Drop - Change or drop thy weapon, armour, shield or projectile.
This must be done if a new item is to be used in combat. 

[C]ast - Allows Wizards and Rangers to cast a spell

[D]rink - Drink thy healing potion.  This will both heal thee and cure thy

[L]ook - Search the surrounding area for other adventurers, dragon lairs,
burial chambers, etc.

[P]eer - Peer into a gem to view a map of the surrounding countryside.  Gems
are only usable in direct sunlight, and as such, do not function in the

[R]etire - Retire in the wilderness.  Note that other adventurers WILL be
able to encounter thee!

[V]iew - View thy statistics


Seasons - The seasons will change as the year progresses.

Weather - The weather changes hour by hour.  The bridges in the land may be
flooded during stormy weather and nastier monsters may appear as the weather
degenerates.  Beware!

Time - The time of day will progress as thou move through the game.  The time
of day depends on the number of moves thou hast made.  Make haste to an Inn
when twilight strikes as sleeping outdoors gives thy enemies a chance to
attack thee.


Armies may be purchased from any city.  There are three types of men that 
can be purchased and the prices vary according to the number available.  The
equivalent strengths of the type of men are shown below:

                1 Guard  = 1  Guard
                1 Rider  = 5  Guards
                1 Knight = 12 Guards

Knight adventurers will automatically receive a +15% bonus on the army strength
due to their ability to command armies.


Castles provide a store for all thy accumulated wealth, earning great
interest.  Castles are also a protective environment for thy army.

Castles may be taken by any player with an army.  Protection of a castle 
incurs bonuses on thine army strength as follows:

                +10% when defending thy castle
                +10% if thou art sleeping in the castle with thy men

If the KING of Arrowbridge is sleeping in a castle then his personal
escort of 200 Royal Knights will be on guard and "The Royal Guard is Posted"
message will be presented when thou enter the castle.

Options available to castle owners are:

[B]uild personal army - Take men from the castle for thy own campaigne.

[C]astle Treasury - Deposit or withdraw funds from thy castle treasury.
Interest is calculated at 2% per day but the treasury will be available
to any army that captures the castle.

[F]lag - Set thy flag design.

[H]enchman - Send a henchman after any adventurer that thou chooseth.  Castle
henchment are far cheaper than standard assassins.  The KING will be able to
send a higher level henchman than any other castle owner.

[L]eave men on guard - Post the castle guard.

[S]teal gold - Thieves may steal from the treasury.  If caught, a message
will be sent to the castle owner reporting the incident and the player will
be thrown into a cell for the remainder of the game and will not be released
until the following day.

[T]ax Level - Set the tax level that will be collected by thy tax collector.
A tax collector (LV 13) must be first hired before any taxes will be collected.
The tax collector will only tax players of level 11 and below so that he will
not place himself at any extreme risk.  The tax collector will collect taxes
from those that wander into the particular shire that the castle governs.

Note that all taxes gathered by the tax collector will be automatically
placed into thy castle treasury.  Also, each day the treasury will
accumulate interest at 2% but 1 gold per man in thy castle army will be
subtracted to cover army expenses.  If thy treasury funds are insufficient
to support thy castle army then army members will gradually leave thine


The King of Arrowbridge shall be the adventurer that captures the
Castle of Arrowbridge.  The King shall be awarded a personal escort, The 
Royal Guard, which is the equivalent of two hundred knights.  The name of
the current King will be displayed when each new day is begun.


[A] Torchlight - Provides illumination in the darkest of places. [WR]

[B] Cure - Cure thy poison.  This spell may have to be cast several times
to totally cure thee when thou art severely poisoned.  [WR]

[C] Detect Traps - This spell will permit thee to detect traps when opening
treasure chests before they are discovered by accident.  Note that there
is a 20% chance of failure.  [WR]

[D] Magic Missile - The main offensive spell of the Wizard.  This spell is
cast as a projectile and will damage thine enemy according to thy level. 
This spell will never miss thy target. [W]

[E] Turn Dead - This spell will cause damage to any undead creature. Note
that it is effective only once per encounter. [W]

[F] Strength - Added strength will permit thee to inflict more damage and
have a greater chance of penetrating thy enemy's defenses during melee 
combat.  Missile combat is unaffected by this spell. [W]

[G] Heal - Heal thy wounds.  This spell may have to be cast several times
in order to fully heal a seriously wounded adventurer. [WR]

[H] Protection - This will increase thine armour and shielding strength,
decreasing the chance of an enemy strike against thee. [W]

[I] Enslave - When cast on a Black Orc, the enemy will be transformed into
a Rider in thy army. [W]

[J] Perception - This will enable the caster to have an increased
perceptive ability, resulting in detection of characters in the wilderness
and secret passages in the underworld. [WR]

[K] Raise Dead - When cast in a Graveyard during twilight, this necromantic
spell will raise several corpses per casting and add them, as guards, 
to thine army. [W]

[L] Lightning - Perhaps the most powerful of all combat spells.  This
spell will project a bolt of lightning causing severe damage to thine
enemy.  It does, however, drain thy magic points quickly. [W]

Key: [W]=Wizard Only, [WR]=Wizard & Ranger


The following table shows the experience required for all character

*   ----------------------------
   Level     Experience
*   ----------------------------
    1         0
    2         10 
    3         60 
    4         140 
    5         290 
    6         550 
    7         1020 
    8         1860 
    9         3360 
    10        6040 
    11        10840 
    12        19440 
    13        34840 
    14        62390 
    15        111710
    16        200000
*   ----------------------------


All equipment carried has a mass that adds to thy encumberance as listed
in the table below:


Dagger                 1
Cudgel                 3
Whip                   4
Mace                   6
Short-Sword           12
Sword                 19
Morning Star          30
Battleaxe             31
Two-Handed Sword      50


Cloth                  4
Padded Leather         9
Hardened Leather      12
Ring mail             15
Scale mail            22
Chain mail            33
Full Plate            50


Wooden                 5
Small                  8
Medium                13
Large                 20
Dragon                36
God                   43

*Projectile Weapons

Sling                   2
Short Bow               5
Long Bow                10
Cross Bow               40

*Other Items

1000 gold pieces        1
Torch                   2
Healing Potion          8
Gem                     1