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Most of you know what LORD is - a BBS door over 8 years old I originally
wrote on a Commodore Amiga.  It was funny and strange and did very well.

This is the sequel - some will be suprised to find it plays completly
different, although it contains many of the same characters.

Here is why:

   This game is FREAKIN' huge.

   It is a large zelda type world that lets players roam about as enemies or

The entire game runs under a nifty engine - this gaming engine is what
is special - it allows people run walk around in the same world.  It uses
clock based timing to communicate by HD through tiny, tiny files.  For
instance, the locations of all players are in one tiny file.

This tiny file is read and written very quickly using advanced file
locking techniques.  It is recommended you use a disk cache such as
Smartdrv.exe or things will run entirely too slow.

The engine is smart enough to NOT draw every single movement other players
are making - if a player is moving quickly, it will still draw him at the
same rate, making the game playable, even at 2400 baud.  And of course,
the engine will not redraw players unless they have moved.

You can CHANGE how quicky it 'polls' the HD from the Game Options in
L2CFG.EXE.  (100 is one second, which is standard.  Set to 50 to poll
twice as fast, player movement will be more acurate, but require more
computer muscle)

  Some of LORD2 many features:

  * It's an ANSI graphical MUD
  * It gives a new meaning to the word multi-player
  * People can SEE other people moving around the map in realtime
  * People can travel in packs, follow each other around, show people
    hidden stuff, ect
  * Players can pickup/buy/sell and use items
  * Smart data recovery after dropped carriers and even lockups.
  * Swear checking
  * Players can GIVE items/money to other players offline or online
  * Players can 1 on 1 chat in realtime, or use globals so everyone can see
  * NPC's can travel with you (sort of), and you can talk to them
  * It is possible to do things like buy a castle or hold and live in it!
  * IGM support with drop in maps
  * A huge and interesting world filled with lots of story and uniqueness
  * Sort of sick and twisted
  * Regular and adventure mode (unlimited lives, no turn limits)
  * Turns per day, clean mode and more can be set by editting RULES.REF with
    a text editor
  * Unlimited worlds and quests can be added, either by you or you can
    download other peoples work
  * Creates bulletin outputs as SCORE.ANS and SCORE.TXT each time someone
    'lists players'.
  * 1000 levels
  * Only $15 to register

  Features creative people with time would be interested in:

  * Complete easy to use map editor, up to 2 million locations
  * LORD II's innards are completely built with the the .REF system, this
    means you can edit them in any way you want
  * The RTREADER .REF system has had a major overhaul and is inside the engine
  * Item editor
  * Add as many quests and characters as you want
  * EVERYTHING can be changed, even the player ranking format or stat screen
  * You can distribute your own 'world' to other LORD II users
  * You could make your own addon pack that is a different game completely
    (get 'The Brady Bunch Adventure' from somewhere, it is an example of
    what this .ref system can do working as a whole different game)

  Until you register, you can only access only a small portion of the game.

  (this file contains the registered version too, you can unlock it by
  purchasing a registration code - in minutes over the phone even!)


   * Can use more items, weapons and armour.
   * Over 300 new map screens
   * Will work with larger IGM's
   * PortTown
   * Flagcity
   * Sosen Village
   * Arrisville
   * Quest2000 random quest engine
   * The Lodge
   * Bounty hunting, players and NPC bounty hunters
   * Slots and craps at the Bonetown casino
   * Several brothels, woo! (unless in clean mode)
   * Game can be won 2 ways, good and evil.  Or even both...
   * When someone wins, the game is NOT reset - instead they get special
     powers and can continue to rule the game
   * Polar regions, mountain areas, ect.
   * Sleep at many different inns
   * 4 ownable landmarks some with special abilities - unregistered only
   * All future upgrades to DOS LORD2: New World will be FREE for you!
   * Everyone will be mailed a hardcopy with their code on it for safe
   * You'll be supporting shareware - this means we will love you, and
     will keep adding to the game.