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Latest News
Our Funeral Quest Server was reset today.  Our last 90 day tournament is over.  Miss Ery is the clear winner with 2,654 Bury Points.  As the winner, she is receiving a $25 Gift Card to Best Buy!

Our new tournament starts today and will run until the end of September.  You can connect to it in Microsoft Edge Browser as it has a bug in it that keeps it from working in Chrome and Firefox.  connect at

Happy Undertaking!
Our new Funeral Quest Tournament starts today!  It will run through June 30th (90 days).  You can always check the scores of the tournament here at our website, but you must use Microsoft Edge or any browser other than Chrome to access the actual game.  Our FQ server is at, since our BBS resides at the regular http port of 80.

Join in today and have Fun!  There will be a prize for the winner, though I'm not sure what it will be yet.  I will make it worth your time!
I was able to put out some money and register about 11 new games.  I don't like it when games are hindered by not being registered.  
Here are the titles of the games that were just done.  Try them out.

Newly Registered Games on Section One BBS:
Rockin Success
Mine Zone
Nav Grid
Lite Car Challenge
Scavenger Hunt
Mille Bornes
Fleet Hunter
Vegas Slots
Iron Wars
We are very sorry, but there is no game of the month competition for the month of July 2018.  It just seems like the month has slipped away so quickly before we could get it online.  Please check back and try to win the shirt in Augusts Game of the month which will be coming very soon.
I've had some time to finally get to the BBS and do some work on it.  

We've added quite a few new games.  Vegas Slots, Taskforce Broodside, Fleet Hunter, Lite Car Challenge, Mille Borne, Mine Zone, Nav Grid, Rockin Success, Scavenger Hunt, Gutter bowl, Starforce Commander, Romans at War and Railroad Empire.

Not only have we added them, but we are also in the process of registering most of them.  

So check them out.  They are all over the different sub sections of our External Games area. (press X to get there)

And watch for a lot more additions to come.