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Latest News
Our Game of the Month for October, 2018 is Grunt Fest.

It's Mechanized combat between the two most powerful armies on earth!  Journey to the near future somewhere between 1995 and 2005 (future, right?) where you will lead a mechanized infantry platoon in hypothetical combat against another force of similar strength or greater.  You control the armies of either Russia or the USA.  Your goal is simple - utterly destroy the other platoon while trying to keep the fate from happening to yours and make the Leaders Hall of Fame.

Log in and play today, because the month will go by fast and someone will win the free Section One BBS T-Shirt!
September is over and so is our Game of the Month.  Tickle wins the T-Shirt for scoring an experience of 2,927 in our game of the month for September, "Yankees and Rednecks."  Congratulations Tickle.  Get ready for our new game of the month, coming tomorrow.
Congratulations to Kawasaki Kid for winning August's Game of the Month, "Gold Hunt."  He scored a total score of 372 which was the highest for the month.  Your free Section One BBS T-Shirt is on its way and we hope that you enjoy it.

You can win a free BBS T-shirt as well, by logging in and playing the game of the month for September.
It's a new month and a new game.  The Game of the month for September is "Yankee's and Red Necks."  It's the battle between the North and the South and it is a battle.  You get to pick your side and figure out how you are going to pick your fights.  Will you go Berzerk?  Or will you be a little more subtle?  The choice is up to you.

Log in to the board today and play as much as you can because you cannot win of you don't play!

And of course the winner at the end of this month will receive a FREE Section One BBS T-Shirt!
Our new game of the month is up for the month of August 2018 and it's called "Gold Hunt."

In Gold Hunt you are a miner trying to collect the most gold while trying to avoid some of the pitfalls of mining.  Watch out for Cave-ins and flooding.  There are also many other dangers that can end your romp through the mine very quickly.  Make sure that you keep your mule with you to carry all of your tools.  Check out the different miners boxes storage boxes that you will find, because they will offer you many of the mining tools that you need.  Always make sure that you have enough kerosine for your lantern or else the trip will be over as soon as your lantern goes out.

How much gold will you find?  And will it be enough to win the game of the month and get you that coveted Section One BBS T-Shirt

Log in to the board above or telnet in at  At the main menu press X for our external programs menu and then #1 for our game of the month menu.  Good Luck!