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Latest News
Section One BBS's Game of the Month starts today.  The Game for April is Vampires Children of Darkness.  The goal is to become Top Vampire and rule the Vampire Universe.  Stay strong by drinking the blood of mortals from all over the World.  Travel to eleven different cities around the world and gain wisdom from that city's elder.  Live the life of luxury, but remember you can only go out at night.  Raise up a brood of children to assist your take over.  

The winner (person with most points) at the end of the month will receive the greatly coveted Section One BBS T-Shirt.  Log in today and begin drinking.  Watch out for the fire and the daylight!  Good Luck!
Our Game of the Month for March 2019, "Darkness" is over!  The winner is Miss Pain, an assassin with an experience of 441.  She will receive a Free Section One BBS T-Shirt for winning the game.  Watch this list of articles for information on our new Game of the Month, which will be posted soon.  You can win a Free T-Shirt as well.
Our winner for January's Game of the Month, Mille Borne, was PBandJ.  He had a high score of     and a win record of     .  That new Section One BBS Tshirt should look pretty good on him.  

You can join in on February's Game of the month, by logging into the BBS from above.  Good luck everyone!
Our Game of the Month for February 2019 is Shadow Board.  This should be a good one.  You are the Sysop of your own Bulletin Board System.  You start from scratch, buying the software, naming the system and and keeping it running.  You'll have to do upgrades and repairs to the board to keep your users happy.  You'll have to be on your toes as other systems sysops will be trying to hack into yours.

This game will run until the end of February and the winner will be the BBS with the highest score at the end.  Can you win?  Can you build up your user base?  Will you be able to earn the money to keep the board moving forward and be the best?  That's what will win you the free Section One BBS T-Shirt.  So log in and play today!
Well 2019 is upon us.  That means we not only have a new year, but a new month and a new Game of the Month.  The question is will we have a new winner?  Well someone is going to win.

Our game of the month for January 2019 is the card game "Mille Borne."  It's a trip through the french countryside.  How far you make it is all determined by the cards, yours and unfortunately you opponents.  Play against someone on the BBS or play against the computer.  But the computer will not make it easy.  Watch out for flat tires, empty gas tanks and other driving situations.  There will be speed limits and and other street signs that you will have to follow.

But you cannot win if you do not play.  Our winner, based on the cumulative score and number of games won, will determine our winner.  Good Luck!