Our new game of the month is up for the month of August 2018 and it's called "Gold Hunt."

In Gold Hunt you are a miner trying to collect the most gold while trying to avoid some of the pitfalls of mining.  Watch out for Cave-ins and flooding.  There are also many other dangers that can end your romp through the mine very quickly.  Make sure that you keep your mule with you to carry all of your tools.  Check out the different miners boxes storage boxes that you will find, because they will offer you many of the mining tools that you need.  Always make sure that you have enough kerosine for your lantern or else the trip will be over as soon as your lantern goes out.

How much gold will you find?  And will it be enough to win the game of the month and get you that coveted Section One BBS T-Shirt

Log in to the board above or telnet in at sectiononebbs.com.  At the main menu press X for our external programs menu and then #1 for our game of the month menu.  Good Luck!