Funeral Quest became one of my favorite games.  Created by Seth Abel Robinson (Creator of LORD and Planets:TEOS) it had that feel
that all of his games gave us.  I ran a server for a few years and had a lot of players in the game until his license server died.

That was the END of Funeral Quest!!!
For too many years.

Now Seth has released it and we've got it up and running.

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You are an undertaker in the town of Deathville.
But you aren't the only one.  And the others will steal your customers, and do other things to sabotage your business.
Read the emotions of your customers and try to sell them whatever you can.  But you will have to be careful, because if they
feel that you are trying to cheat them, they'll take their business next door.

Try to keep your funeral parlor at the top of the rankings.
Play every day.  It's Totally Free!
Tell others about it and play against your friends!
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