Wraith of Khalal Rankings


In this the first one of the series, you have been summoned to one of
the countries of the land and are ask to help avoid the awakening of
Khalal; a semi-god, semi-dragon; found during the construction of cities
in the Land Of Eternal Confusion.

Terrible mutations make the builders of the cities transform into
unthinkable monster, some Insectoids, others Evils' Shadows.  Amongst
these mutations, there is one known as the Wraith of Khalal, which
controls the rest and is trying to awaken the body found, bringing
Khalal back from the death.

It is here when you are summoned by the wise men of the land to avoid
the awakening.

Play as a FIGHTER and become a master of wars by raising your attributes
at any of the local Killing and Casting Community Colleges, use weapons
capable of defeating Snake Men with one blow, or fight Black Demons for
their Eternal Deaths!

Or choose the path of mystery and knowledge and become a WIZARD, learn
new spells as you increase your level, learn to cast healing spells and
heal your self while in battle without the need of Healing Potions,
search for the Mars' Polearm and be unstoppable!

Or, be a ROGUE and share the benefits of both WIZARD and FIGHTERS.

Explore the vast world of the land and avoid unnecessary battles when
you can, for when the time is ripe to battle to the death, only one man
leaves the arena ALIVE!  Take on one or several of the Royal Commissions
and get pay to better equip your self, while interacting with the world
around you.  Get hints from the old men of the land, and prepare for the
Land Of Eternal Confusion!

An incredible adaptation of role-playing specially designed for BBSes!