The Enigma Of Ashrella is a BBS Door, text based, role-playing game. In the world of Daagrung lies the continent of Ashrella. Named after the Goddess of the Harvest, Ashrella is a peaceful and prosperous land or at least it was until the creatures came. No-one knows where they come from but they destroy crops, kill, rob and disappear. It's the player's task to end this plague.

Upon entering the game the player is presented with an outline of the story, they then enter their game-name and are rewarded with another piece of the story and some instructions before choosing their class and setting their player stats. Ashrella is/was an on-line world which had no non playing characters, at least that was the case in version 2.0 beta, so players had to interact with each other in order to make progress and explore the world. Gold is important here, it could be earned by killing creatures, by gambling, or by selling items such as gems or flowers. Alliances could be made and enemies could be destroyed by sending disease, curses or assassins after them.

The game is composed of a several of chapters and it was reckoned that it would take about a week to complete a sub-chapter and defeat its boss, and about a month to complete a whole chapter.