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Usurper Rankings

Welcome to Usurper, a fantasy game filled with fast paced action, violence
and instant death. This game has only one purpose : to give you a good time
witheout the need of reading any lengthy documentation. You can actually
enter the game and go berzerk straight away. However, you can consider
 continuing to read and perhaps learn something that can keep you alive for 
a while. 

You can choose to play as a lonewolf adventurer/warrior who seek gain only for
yourself, and care little for anything else. You can also form teams in which
you and your comrades fight for each other. In either case you should always
concentrate your efforts on the dungeons. It's in these huge cave
areas that your fortune can be made, or your life end...
There are over one hundred dungeons stretching from the top of the huge
mountain, down to it's deepest level. It may be said at once that no creature
has ever returned from the deeper levels. The ancient legends say that on
Durunghins bottom there is a "thing" so powerful that the worlds destiny
can be altered with it. But the legends also say that the guardians of this
"thing" goes beyond everything your worst nightmares can bring forth...
Well, no one has ever reached beyond the magic 90th level--you might be the
first. You can take your team with you to the dungeons. It is almost always
better to have more than one to face those monsters.

Completing the final challenge at the bottom of the huge mountain will reward
you with immortalization in the chronicles. Your name will live forever.

It is important to note that in the dungeons, many strange creatures lurk
around. Some will eventually approach you and offer different things. Your
response will ultimately lead to either riches or to death...

If you don't fancy strolling down the dungeons, you can do other things.
You can visit the Dormitory, where many of the characters take their rest.
You can kick them out of their beds and challenge them for a fight, or perhaps
try to murder them while they sleep... 

You will always have opponents in this game, not just the monsters you
challenge in the dungeons, but also computer controlled characters.
These guys are not always nice. Some will try to slain you just for the
hell of it! The dungeon monsters, on the other hand, are always there 
waiting for you.

Team Play

A nice feature of Usurper is the team function. If they wish, players can
form gangs/teams and seek their luck together. The gangs can be used to
gain control of the town, which in its turn can add income to the members.
Controlling the town brings your team money, but remember that everything
has a price. Every gang wants to beat the leaders. You don't just have to
worry about other player gangs. There are also computer teams that
are waiting just to whip the senses out of you and your comrades. If you don't
trust the other players you can hire in computer characters to fight for
your team. Don't trust them too much though as most of them can be turned
when offered the right sum of money...  
Other teams can at all times challenge the town controllers. Gangfights are
mostly short, bloody and dirty. It is recommended that you let your teammates
know before you take them out to a street massacre where they risk to lose
everything, including their lives.

Teams can also enter the dungeons together. This can be a good way to
help fellow members to raise their experience. After a successful battle
you can take them to see their levelmaster, and raise their level.

Character Creation

Upon the creation of a new player you will be given the opportunity to
choose between different races and classes. This selection is vital to
the type of game you will be involved in. First of all, every race and
class has different abilities according to strength and defence, but
they also have different values when it comes to 'valor' and 'darkness'.

Take a paladin for example. This character is aimed for goodness, and should
be played good. That means that you should spare innocent victims, perform
quests of valor, and thereby raise your valor. However, the paladin can also
be played bad, and perform violent acts such as murder innocent creatures and
visit whorehouses. Unfortunately your characters deeds will eventually catch
up with him. In the case of the paladin this will cause his soul to darken,
and eventually something terrible will happen. But of that i will not discuss
anything more here.
If we take another character like the troll, this creature can and should
be played bad. To be vicious and commit evil deeds will raise the trolls
darkness score, and eventually reward him. But it must be said that
you can experiment whith different combinations, as none is totally 
predictable. If you want the ultimate killing machine, consider the
choice of Troll as race, and Barbarian as class. 

Also remember that every race and class has their own special abilities.
The Gnoll has a poisoned bite. The Paladin can at extreme situations
use a so called soul-strike, this is a blow where he use some of his
hitpoints to create a kind of superblow. The Paladin has this ability
due to his strong virtue. In difficult situations he can concentrate
this force and use it to achieve maximum performance. However, a good
Paladin can achieve greater than a dark paladin. The strike can be used
when you want a quick solution in a battle against a stubborn foe, or
in a situation where you have little hope to stay alive. The 'soulblow'
is a VERY risky business though. If you use all your hitpoints in a
strike, an enemy can easily defeat you... 

Races :
 Humans     - good overall choice.
 Hobbits    - great rangers.
 Elves      - builds mana faster than other races.
 Half-elves - more robustly built than the elves.
 Dwarves    - make great warriors.
 Trolls     - big and strong.
 Orcs       - great as fighters and magicians.
 Gnomes     - good in combination with alchemists and assassins.
 Gnolls     - poisonous bite. unfortunately with a rather weak constitution.
 Mutants    - ...?

Professions :
 Alchemists  - can poison their weapons.
 Assassins   - backstabbing is their trade.
 Barbarians  - raw strength is favored among the barbarians.
 Bards       - "masters of soft voices". In the beginning the bards are
               fairly innocent. However, with accumulated experience, the
               songs learned from the singmasters will prove as
               useful as the sorcerors spells. Bards are invaluable in
               team-play, since they can boost morale.
 Clerics     - spell masters.
 Jesters     - jesters are very hard to hit.
 Magicians   - spell masters
 Paladins    - should be played GOOD. Have soulstrike as special weapon.
 Rangers     - excellent stealth qualities. Hard to hit.
 Sages       - spell masters.
 Warriors    - the standard fighter class.

(M)=Affects whole group of monsters.

*Cleric*  SPELL-BOOK
1.....Cure Light.........+4-7 hps........1.turn...................10...
5.....Armor..............+5 protection...whole fight..............20...
10....Baptize Monster....enemy.freezes...random...................30...
15....Cure Critical......+20-24 hps......1.turn...................40...
20....Disease............random disease..1.turn...................50...
25....Holy Explosion.....20-30.damage....1.turn...................60.(M)
30....Invisibility.......+15-25 prot.....whole fight..............70...
40....Angel..............100 damage....  whole fight..............80...
50....Call Lightning.....80-89 damage....1.turn...................90...
60....Heal...............+200 hps........1.turn..................100...
70....Divination.........+110 prot.*.....random..................110...
80....Gods Finger........220-250.damage..1.turn..................120...
(* the DIVINATION spell will also reduce players darkness with 50 and
   increase chivalry with the same amount.)

*Magician*  SPELL-BOOK
1.....Magic Missile......4-7 damage......1.turn...................10...
5.....Shield.............+4 protection...whole fight..............20...
15....Web................enemy freezes...1.turn...................40...
20....Power Hat..........regains.60-20...1.turn...................50...
30....Fear...............enemy freezes...whole fight..............70...
40....Lightning Bolt.....60-70 damage....1.turn...................80.(M)
50....Prismatic Cage.....absorbs 20......whole fight..............90...
60....Pillar of Fire.....100-112.damage..1.turn..................100...
70....Power Word KILL....220-265.damage..1.turn..................110...
80....Summon Demon.......200-300.damage..whole fight.............120...

1.....Fog of War.........+3 protection...whole fight..............10...
5.....Poison.............enemy level+1...whole fight..............20...
15....Duplicate..........your attack*2...whole fight..............40.+25 hps
20....Roast..............50-65 damage....1.turn...................50.(M)
25....Hit Self...........70-80.damage....1.turn...................60...
30....Escape.............enemy freezes...1.turn...................70...
40....The Giant..........+25dmg,.........whole fight..............80...
50....Steal..............enemys money....1.turn...................90...
60....Energy Drain.......130-141.damage..1.turn..................100...
70....Summon.Demon.......100-120.damage..whole fight.............110...
80....Death Kiss.........240-290.damage..1.turn..................120...

Dungeon Events
In the dungeons you will sometimes bump into individuals and creatures
with not just fighting on their mind. 
Some will just be out to make fun of you. Others will try to trick you
into an early grave. Most encounters will be short, but there are a few
exceptions where you will have the opportunity to participate in a mission
where high politics is often involved. Your success on these missions is
vital for the chance to ever get another chance. So, keep your mission record
on the plus side (it can turn negative). Don't play with spies and diplomats
when you are a low level character. And never lie to Ragmoth.

Bards *with new ability for version 0.18
The bards should no longer stand back to the other classes in Usurper.
You should be a team-player if you choose this class. The bard is best
used in team-battles where he/she can heal a team in one turn!

The bards learn a new song for every 10th is a hard job to aquire
the experience to deliver the ancient myths. Awakening the spirits in the
audience is a tough job. Be it for good or evil, the Bards actually
learn 2 new songs for every 10th level. One song is a violent attack song,
the other one is a soft healing hymn...perhaps useful in romantic situations
as well. Be aware though, the songs on the higher levels are so powerful that
immortal deitys can accidentaly join in to experience the artist. And you
never know what they might come up with.

The King
Characters with a certain level can attempt to usurp the royal throne.
The task is easy if no king or queen exists. Should that be the case,
you will get the title without struggle.
Should a king already be in rule,  you will have to infiltrate the castle
and try to remove the current ruler (assassinate or something).

pros and cons with being king;
    you are the top gun in the game, isn't that enough?
    you can close and open establishments (shops).
    you can enforce new taxes.
    you have the power to order the Court Mage to impose his magic (good or
    evil). The Royal Magic is very powerful, since you can be a decisive force
    in ongoing events.
    You have the authority to dissolve or ban marriage.
    you will have the pleasure of having other players crumbling in the dust
    before you. You will hear them scream when they swim across the moat and
    find out about the surprises you have put there.
    you can put other players kids in the royal orphanage.
    you can imprison (and execute) other players.
    you can sleep safe at the castle (until you are deposed).
    you can't go to prison! You stand above the law.
    other players can't spy on you, or attack you.

(-) you cannot be in a team when you are king.
    people wont appreciate you for the taxes, which you might have to set
    if you want to be able to hire soldiers (security). 
    you have responsibility for the law and the proper behaviour of your subjects.
    (you can of course be a bad king, but people will probably remove you
    from office if you act mean and vicious)
    you must take care of all orphants produced by irresponsible parents! 
    a lot of people will hate your guts whatever you do.
    you will probably be assassinated.

The Immortals
When a player completes his doings on earth, he may choose to retire from
Usurper altogether, or ascend to the world of the immortals (heaven).
Should you decide to become a immortal it does not imply immediate supreme
powers and "almightyness" at your fingertips. Contrary to popular belief, life in
heaven can be hell.

The Relations
As soon as you do something nice or bad to another player/npc this will
be recorded and affect your relation with that character.
All of this will, of course, play a part later on when you want to bribe or
recruit a team-member or have a love-affair. The Npc's are more predictable 
in their shift in attitude. They get annoyed when attacked and pleased when
you help them. But don't be foolish and think that you can kill Ugluk 50
times and then send him a million bucks and everything will be well.
These guys remember exactly how many times you have done wrong and the
grudges are nursed until it's time to settle the old score.

You can marry another player/npc when you both are in love with each other.
The matrimonial bond carries benefits; You get extra experience.
You can have kids. Your spouse can be nice to you (if you are lucky).
The drawbacks are mainly related to the kids. They can be kidnapped, put
in an orphanage or even die (causing grief and anxiety). 
Having forced sex with other players/spouses can prove to be most
detrimental to yourself. Watch out especially for npc characters, who tend to pay back
as soon as the clock passes midnight :)

Raising children is an expensive business. If you can't afford to pay
for their upbringing, your offspring will be sent to the Royal Orphanage.
This means that the royal treasury must spend tax-money on an ever
increasing number of kids. The King might be generous and take care of
the little rascals for a period of time, but he can also decide to
put the babies to the wolves or something...
Should the royal treasury not hold enough funds to sustain the children
then they will starve and ultimately die...
Your enemies may try to harm your offspring by poisoning, kidnapping or
beating them. There are ways to protect your children though.

If you should decide that a divorce is the way to go, then keep in mind
that custody of your children will go to the other parent!
Your children will get depressed from a divorce. That is not good.

A husband can never attack his wife (and vice versa), except in team-fights.
You can trick other players by sending them "gifts" with poison or
other scary stuff inside.

Shortcuts to Success

* Are you the type of player who wants to achieve faster progress than the 
  normal monster and team bashings can result in? 
* Are you the type of player who can do almost anything just to beat
  the others?
* Are you willing to risk everything in these attempts?

If you answered yes to all of the questions above you should read further.
If you answered no to one or more of the questions : why not read this anyway? 

First of all, there are good and evil acts that can give you experience and
money. They can, of course, give you pain and death as well. Most important of
all, though, they influence your soul. Every bad act darkens your soul, and every good
lightens it. Swinging either side over the limit will give you some 
unpredictable and sometimes fatal consequences. Some races can withstand good
or evil better than others, and can therefore benefit longer. 

Usurper is not a normal and restricted Fantasy game. It includes some more
modern features too. Ever heard of drugs and steroids? Well, here they are.
There are many different types of drugs in this game. They all have two things
in common though. Firstly, they send you into dreamland where you can receive 
hallucinated experiences which add to your earlier experience. Drugs also
increase your addiction to narcotics. You should be very careful not to
turn into a junkie, cause if you start to stuff yourself full with drugs
every session, you'll soon enter your final dreamland. Keep an eye on your
-Drug Addict- parameter and also remember that drugs occasionally give
you bad trips, or can even kill you with an overdose...      

Steroids will not give you any experience. They will, however, give you
what you are always going to need in these kind of games : MUSCLES. 
Wouldn't it be nice to be able to crack those enemy bones just as easy as
you pull the wings of a fly? Well, buy some steroids and you will (never)
regret yourself. Steroids comes in many different types. The results on
your body will show at once! Just keep an eye on your -Mental Stability-
parameter. It will show when you're about to crack. And please try not to
fool yourself with these pills. Psychos are not treated kindly in this game.
Planets: TEOS Rankings



Owning planets is how you can gain a significant strategic edge over other

players. By conquering planets you can gain control over interstellar

trade and manipulate what happens in the galaxy.


Some Benefits:


Safety If you quit the game while orbitting a planet you own, the planets'

defense systems will protect you.


Fighter Drones left on the planet will replicate themselves.


Tax Revenue will be generated for your own personal use. The greater

the population, the greater the tax revenue. The Population steadily

increases generating more revenue for you.


Trade Revenue from transactions (regardless of whether players trade

there or not) will be generated for your own personal use.



Conquering a planet can be a difficult task if the planet has good

defenses. There are a couple items that can aid you when attempting

a takeover:


Zone Atomic Bombs are used when attacking a planet. Will destroy

fighters on the planet. Usually a few hundred thousand.


Onboard Printing Kits are used when attacking a planet. Allows

you to use the power of persuasion to inspire the people on the

planet to rise up and destroy fighter drones on their planet.

Effectiveness will vary depending on the size of the population

on the planet.


Before Launching an Attack you will want to ensure that you have

a combination of zone atomic bombs, onboard printing kits and a

large number of fighters. Making such a maneuver shouldn't be

taken lightly, having your ship destroyed by a Utopia Defense

System can set you back greatly.


When you launch an attack on the planet (using the Planet menu)

you will have menu options available to you to use the above

items and launch your fighters. Once you have destroyed all the

fighters on the planet, you can Demand Submission.


The Utopian Planetary Defense defends the planet by launching a

defensive blast at your ship when you initially attack and each

time you launch an attack of some form. The defense unit has

fuel stored on the planet to power its' defensive blasts. As it

runs out of fuel, its' attacks will be less effective. You will

want to be sure you have a large number of shield batteries,

particularly due to that first defensive blast. My recommendation

is no less than 500,000.


Note: If you have more fighter drones than those residing on

the planet, you may want to launch an attack early in the battle.

This will keep you from receiving blast after blast from the

Utopian Planetary Defense system and save the fuel remaining

in that system for your own use when you conquer the planet.



Name & Description Owning a planet gives you the option to name

it something different and give it a different description.


Beacon Status This allows you to set the beacon status so that

only you can warp directly to the planet. You can leave the

beacon status open as goodwill for traders, but should someone

decide they want to take over that particular planet it would

be easy for them to warp to it. The main benefit of limiting

beacon access is to make it more difficult to single out your

planet for an attack. If need be you can make someone an ally

in your cartel and give them beacon privileges.


Trading Privileges By making the planet Private you only allow

your Cartel and Allies to trade. This is mostly beneficial if

you want to prevent enemy players from enjoying the benefit of

the items sold there. For instance, if you own Eden, then you

can prevent other players from being able to purchase Eden Warp

Units. Likewise, you may have inexpensive fighter drones or

some other benefit. It is possible that you gain funds from

other players trading on your planet, which is a reason to leave

trading privileges open.


World Treasury Your planet has a world treasury where you can leave

funds. This allows you to store a lot more money than you typically

can in a bank (500,000 is the default). Furthermore, if your planet

has good defenses, it is also a much safer place to keep your cash

than on your ship.


Store Items You have the option of storing items on the planet. You

can only store one kind of item on a planet at a time, but as many

as you want.


Utopian Planetary Defense can be installed at planets you own if

they do not already have one. Defends your planet from attackers.

When installing you will need to set the percentage of fuel power

you want the defense unit to use in an attack. As the fuel runs

out the strength of the defensive blasts will lessen.


Fighter Drones You will want to leave fighter drones on the planet.

The fighter drones clone themselves every day. The more you leave,

the more you'll have the following day.




Having a good ship is crucial. Some ships are not worth spending

money on. Some ships may have great fighting capabilities, but

weak for trading.


The ThrustMaster, Garbage Scow, Bantam, Maxiport, Sentinel, Reconnoiter

and Mauler are all available on both Earth and Norhaven.


The Ardent Supplier, Revelation, Prophecy and ACCOLADE are only

available on Earth and may only be purchased by members of the Alliance.


The MayhemMaster, Nognutter, Quietus, LEXOR, and APOCALYPSE are

available only on Norhaven and may only be purchased by members

of the Maraken.


Note: Ship Details/Statistics can vary depending on the configuration

of the game by the Sysop of the BBS.


Ship Data

1. Thrustmaster  Symbol : S»

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 3

Torpedo Bays                : 1

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 10 of 50

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.0

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 1,500

Max Shields                 : 750

Cost : $58,600



2. Garbage Scow  Symbol : 88»

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 7

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 2

Torpedo Bays                : 0

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 7 of 40

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.7

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 800

Max Shields                 : 1,000

Cost : $13,900



3. Bantam  Symbol : F

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 12

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 1

Torpedo Bays                : 0

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 5 of 25

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.6

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 300

Max Shields                 : 200

Cost : $33,500



4. MaxiPort  Symbol : O=O=O

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 7

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 4

Torpedo Bays                : 0

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 35 of 125

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.7

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 1,500

Max Shields                 : 3,000

Cost : $237,000



5. Sentinel  Symbol : I¯

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 5

Torpedo Bays                : 2

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 20 of 70

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.9

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 5000

Max Shields                 : 500

Cost : $1,224,000



6. Reconnoiter  Symbol : 

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 4

Torpedo Bays                : 3

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 20 of 90

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.0

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 30,000

Max Shields                 : 1,000

Cost : $1,840,000



7. MayhemMaster  Symbol : }->

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 6

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 6

Torpedo Bays                : 6

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 20 of 75

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.3

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 10,000

Max Shields                 : 1,000

Cost : $2,270,000



8. Ardent Supplier  Symbol : ßþþþß

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 0

Torpedo Bays                : 0

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 20 of 400

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.7

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 1,000

Max Shields                 : 5,000

Cost : $3,500,000



9. Mauler  Symbol : Ã-{}

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 6

Torpedo Bays                : 4

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 45 of 150

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.0

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 250,000

Max Shields                 : 15,000

Cost : $5,000,000



10. Nognutter  Symbol : -ì-

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 4

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 10

Torpedo Bays                : 2

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 25 of 100

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.9

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 100,000

Max Shields                 : 10,000

Cost : $5,700,000



11. Quietus  Symbol : í

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 10

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 6

Torpedo Bays                : 10

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 12 of 50

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.5

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 5,000

Max Shields                 : 1,000

Cost : $6,500,000



12. Revelation  Symbol : }ð¯

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 3

Torpedo Bays                : 4

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 40 of 70

Ship Fighting Odds          : 0.9

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 20,000

Max Shields                 : 5,000

Cost : $7,243,900



13. Prophecy  Symbol : }þð¯

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 4

Torpedo Bays                : 6

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 75 of 225

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.1

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 200,000

Max Shields                 : 10,000

Cost : $9,220,000



14. ACCOLADE  Symbol : }äðþ-

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 10

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 6

Torpedo Bays                : 10

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 100 of 300

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.1

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 1,000,000

Max Shields                 : 100,000

Cost : $36,000,000



15. LEXOR  Symbol : î-ä-

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 6

Torpedo Bays                : 5

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 40 of 200

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.0

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 150,000

Max Shields                 : 10,000

Cost : $13,439,000



16. APOCALYPSE  Symbol : îäðì-

Standard Jump Reactor Power : 8

Possible Reactor Upgrades   : 8

Torpedo Bays                : 10

Base Cargo Spaces Included  : 100 of 300

Ship Fighting Odds          : 1.1

Max Fighter Drone Control   : 1,000,000

Max Shields                 : 100,000

Cost : $29,340,000




When battling it is important to not to overextend yourself. If a

ship has considerably more fighter drones and shields than you,

then it is best to avoid getting into a battle.


Torpedos can be loaded on to your ship at Earth and Norhaven if

you have torpedo bays and can be useful for bringing down ships

stronger than you.


Some ships have better fighting odds which gives them an edge in

battle. The Maraken ships tend to have better fighting odds, but

are usually weaker for trading.


Battling members of your own alliance will reflect badly on your

record if you are a member of one.


Upon defeating a ship, you will have the option of destroying or

plundering your enemy. You gain additional experience from destroying

the enemy ship, but you do not get the benefit of examining their

cargo bays which often have useful items or upgrades for your ship.


If your Ship Gets Destroyed The game is not over, but it may take

some effort to get back up and going. Make sure that you always keep

the maximum amount of money that you can in your bank account that way

you'll have some startup cash.


Upon destruction you will be launched into a mini-game where you

attempt to hitch a ride from a passing ship. Ships will cross the

screen, as will meteors. Take care not to get hit by a meteor or

you will die and will have to wait till tomorrow to try again to

hitch a ride.


Once you are picked up, you will be given a garbage scow to get

started. The garbage scow is very limited and only has 7 cargo

spaces, so you will want to upgrade to a new ship as soon as

you have the cash.




Cartels are the manner by which you form alliances with other

players on Planets. It helps you manage your planets and allows

you to share the benefits of owning them.


If you are the boss of a cartel and you are a member of either

the Alliance or the Marakens then it requires all members to be

members of those alliances. For this reason, it can be beneficial

to be neutral so that individuals can join regardless of their

alliance. You can also simply make individuals Allies to your

cartel, giving them beacon and trade benefits, without the full

privileges of being in the cartel.


The Alliance

The Alliance Headquarters are located on Earth. There you can

register to join, buy ships including those only for the Alliance,

and check your status as a member of the Alliance.


When asked why you want to join the Alliance, give reasons about

why you want to save the universe, etc. You can also say "I LOVE

JENNIE GARTH", which worked nicely for me.


Killing other members of the Alliance will give you negative

points on your status. For what reason this is detrimental, I

don't know, but it's probably not a good idea.



The Maraken Headquarters, Hell City, are located on Norhaven.

Like the the Alliance headquarters, you can register to join,

buy ships including those only for the Maraken, and check your status.


When asked why you would be good for the Maraken, give reasons

about wanting to destroy the universe, etc.


Killing other members of the Maraken will give you negative

points on your status.


Special Items

Most items you encounter are merely tradable items, but some

have special uses:


Fighter Drones are used to battle other players and NPCs.


Shield Batterys increase your shield strength. The maximum

shield strength varies depending on your ship.


Big Cargo Spaces increase the amount of cargo you can carry.

The more you can move on a trade run, the more money you make.


Reactor Units increases your reactor power, giving you a longer

flight plan and more power to use when making direct warps to

specific planets. It must be charged before enjoying the benefits

(will have to wait until the next day).


Device of Cloakings allow you to cloak and make yourself invisible

to other ships in the game. When you use a Device of Cloaking it

will ask you at what level you want to cloak your ship at. It is

important to note that you are not choosing what strength in which

to cloak, but rather the frequency in which to cloak your ship.

Unless they use an Anticloak Scanner at your level/frequency,

they will not see you.


Anticloak Scanners allow you to search for other players who

have cloaked themselves. When you use the Anticloak Scanner

it will ask you what level you want to scan. If there is a ship

cloaked at that same level it will be visible to you and you

will have the option to battle the player. While traveling you

will know if there are players cloaked at a given planet as it

will indicate that your scanners are experiencing interference.


Eden Warp Unit allows you to warp to any planet of your choosing,

whether or not the beacon of that planet is enabled.


Note: See Planets ? Conquering for information about Zone

Atomic Bombs, Onboard Printing Kits and Utopia Planetary Defense systems



The Eye If you give $500,000 dollars to the Dreamora Temple you

get a special device installed on to your ship which allows you to

Psychoanalyze your enemies telling you their disposition towards you.


LORD Rankings

Connect To Section One BBS Right Here

Don't want to hassle with trying to get Telnet configured and running on your computer.  Just log in to the BBS from here.
Have Fun!
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The Game of the Month

Run your own Funeral Parlor at our Funeral Quest Server RIGHT HERE


Happy New Year!

Well who can believe that we are finally in 2021!  Happy New Year Everyone.  

The Game of the Month is back.  We are sorry that the site hasn't been updated in a very long time, but finally I have the time to make some things happen.  It seems that the turning of a new year is always a great time for me to focus on the site a little bit and do some work to the system.

Since we really never had the Game of the Month operating right from April of last year, we are running the same game.  Our Game of the Month for the first month of the New Year is Murder Motel.  Find parts of your weapon and go on the hunt.  The winner of this months game of the month will be the one with the most kills at the end of January.  Good Luck.  The winner will win a Section One BBS T-Shirt.
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April's Game of the Month - Murder Motel

It's been a while for our Game of the Month contest.  We've had one running for a while, but just never got it out to the public and published.  But we are ready to start it up again.

Our game of the month for April 2020 is Murder Motel.  

If you've ever seen Psycho or Thunderdome, you know what to expect.  Your job is to meander through the motel and find your weapon parts, put them together and get your victim before they get you.  Everyone is hunting someone.

The winner will be the player with the highest kill count at the end of April.  The winner will get our famous Section One BBS T-Shirt.  But you have to play to win!
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August's Game of the Month

Hey Everyone, It's a new month and a New Game.  Our game for the month of August, 2019 is "SkyCop."  

In SkyCop you get to be an Air Traffic Controller guiding airplanes full of people all around your region and safely landing them in local airports.  See why this job is such a stressful one.  This game is based off of the actual software that is used to train real Air Traffic Controllers, but done in a way that makes it easy for everyone to learn.  Can you keep the planes from crashing into each other?  Can you keep the people safe, by giving commands that will safely land their airplanes.  Can you handle the pressure?

Our winner will be the person who has the highest score at the end of the month and they will receive a free BBS T-Shirt.  Join in and play today.  You never know, our winner for August, just might be YOU!!!
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July's Winner

Congratulations to our winner of July's Game of the Month, "Vegas Slots."  Sandy was our high roller this month.  She scored the top take of $1,000.  It didn't have to be high as we had so few players for the month.  

For her score and win, she will receive our free Section One BBS T-shirt.  You can log in today and play our new game of the Month and win yourself one of the T-Shirts as well.
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New Funeral Quest Tournament Starts Today!

Our Funeral Quest Server was reset today.  Our last 90 day tournament is over.  Miss Ery is the clear winner with 2,654 Bury Points.  As the winner, she is receiving a $25 Gift Card to Best Buy!

Our new tournament starts today and will run until the end of September.  You can connect to it in Microsoft Edge Browser as it has a bug in it that keeps it from working in Chrome and Firefox.  connect at

Happy Undertaking!
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July's Game of the Month

Happy Independence Day!  It's the month of the day that we celebrate the victory.  There is also another victory to be won this month, and that is Section One BBS's Game of the Month.  Our game for July 2019 is "Vegas Slots."  

Vegas Slots is an entertaining slot machine game that simulates the machines found in gambling casinos.  It is a fun and highly addictive game.  Place a bet and Pull the handle.  Where will it stop?  You start with $1,000 and the Jackpot goes up every day.  The #1 Scorer at the end of the month will win the Free BBS T-Shirt.  Good Luck, You are going to need it!
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June's Winner

It wasn't a game that was played much, but it was still our game of the month, and we still have a winner.  Congratulations to Mopar Man who won our game of the month for June 2019, "Scavenger Hunt."  It wasn't a high score, but he played and had the best record, so he will be receiving our Free BBS T-Shirt.  

You can get one of those free T-Shirts as well, by playing next month's Game.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!
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June's Game of the Month

Our Game of the Month for June 2019 starts today!  

The game of the Month for June is Scavenger Hunt.  You are assigned 10 objects that you must run around to collect to win each round.  The problem is that other players are running around the same space, looking for their 10 objects and they might even be looking for some of the same things that you are.  Some of those objects will be right out in front of you while others might be in locked fixtures that require you to find keys to open.  You might have to beat up other players to see what they are holding, especially if you need it.  But watch out for the booby traps.  

You can steal from others, play tricks on others and even booby trap the items that they need.  How many rounds can you win in 25 days?  The game will run through the entire month of June and our winner will be the one with the most rounds won and highest points.  But you can't win if you don't play.  So log in to the BBS today and happy hunting!
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