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BRE Rankings

Introduction/What Is Barren Realms Elite 
Barren Realms Elite is a 25-player strategic war-game.  The setting is
in the future - nuclear destruction has spread throughout the planet,
and now only a vast barren void exists.  You, as a baron under a great
king, must expand your barony throughout the planet, taking advantage of
natural resources such as rivers and mountains to become the ultimate
baron.  This task is not easy though -- you must keep your population
content, while maintaining a military large enough to defend your empire
against other barons.  You must balance size and strength, attack, trade
with, and make alliances with other barons.  Pirates throughout the
planet will constantly plunder the great leaders -- making your job even
But there's one more enemy you may face.  Barren Realms Elite's
Inter-BBS capabilities allow you to hook up with up to 254 other BBS's
for head-to-head competition.  Expand alliances throughout the world -
the real world - and work as a team fighting for your king and planet.
Barren Realms Elite is a simple to play and learn game, and is very
configurable so the sysop can make his/her game unique.  We have tried
to make Barren Realms Elite as simple to install and maintain as
possible, and neither the Inter?BBS or Local play really requires much
maintainence by the sysop.
Starting The Game 
When you begin the Barren Realms Elite game for the first time after a
reset, you are presented with a welcome screen, a few playing tips, and
prompted for a name of your realm.  This is essentially your player name
throughout game play.  Once you've entered a name that is valid, the BRE
splash screen is displayed and you are presented with the main game
menu.  This menu consists of:
   The current version of Barren Realms Elite that is running.
   The date that the game began on (last reset).
   Play Game
   This option allows a player to begin playing their turns for the
   day.  If they've already played some, the software picks up at the
   turn they left off on.
   See Status
         Displays basic information about the current player.  This is
         basically the same information displayed from within the game from
         the status menu.
         See Scores
         This menu selection shows the scores for the BBS only. 
         Interplanetary scores are shown from within the game.
         See Today's News
         Displays the news for the current day.  Note that unlike the main
         menu scoring option, the news can also contain interplanetary news
         in IBBS leagues.
         See Yesterday's News
         Shows the news for the previous day.
         Read Messages
         Allows the player to read their private e-mail within the game
         without entering the game and wasting turns.
         Send Messages
         In addition to reading messages, a player may use this option to
         send a message to any local nation that lies on the same BBS.
         Game Bulletins
         Bulletins that the sysop has created, or the ones included with the
         distribution archive, can be read by selecting this option.
         Game Instructions
         Although the game is a vast and intricate strategy game, a brief
         overview of the game and simple instructions for getting started is
         included here for new players.
         Help Database
         Barren Realms Elite contains a sophisticated help system that can be
         viewed at any time simply by visiting this option.  Help topics on
         nearly all functions of the game is included here and players may
         peruse them simply by selecting them from the menu.
         The preferences menu option contains some user-defined settings to
         make game play proceed as quickly and efficiently as possible.
         The quit option exits the software and returns the player to the
Playing Barren Realms 
     BRE is a game based on strategy and thought.  As a baron in a vast
     kingdom, your goal is to, ultimately, become supreme to all others. 
     Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must build an empire both
     economically and militarily, all while facing stiff competition from
     your opponents.
     The best way of learning Barren Realms Elite is to experiment - visit
     different menus, try different options.  Below, you will find basic
     information on how to get a good start and not crumble right away as
     well as information on some different topics not covered in any specific
     help section.  We recommend after learning a little bit about the basics
     of this game, you come back and read the latter part of these
     instructions again, as they will make more sense once you understand the
     The premier feature of the game is the ability to link over 200 systems
     throughout the world and bring anywhere up to more than 6,000 players
     together in a single game.  No longer is your goal to become the
     strongest barony, but instead, the strongest world.  Your BBS must come
     together, facing competition from other planets instead of local barons. 
     Teamwork is the only way to win this type of war.
         The Game Itself
         Barren Realms Elite is divided into a series of menus which appear
         during each turn of play.  The following are the major sections:
         Diplomacy (appears only on first turn of the day)
         Status Screen
         Payment / Food Market
         Covert Operations
         Spending Menu
         Interplanetary Operations (For InterBBS Games)
         System Menu
     The art of diplomacy is a major factor in a successful empire.  Defense
     pacts for local attacks (non-InterBBS) are vital for challenging and
     defeating larger enemies.  Intelligence alliances can multiply the total
     power of Intelligence agencies.  Trade agreements provide tanglible
     benefits in the form of extra cash - if you have a large population.
         Tariff Trade Agreement
         This is an agreement allowing trade between two realms with
         government taxation of all goods passing boundaries.  It brings an
         extra income to each empire involved based on population.  This
         agreement is promising for those empires with large numbers of
         Protective Trade
         This agreement installs guards along trade routes between the two
         realms, preventing bombing of trade deals and making trade deals
         cheaper to send and maintain.
         Free Trade Agreement
         This pact declares that people are free to travel between boundaries
         and trade goods without taxation.  Large amounts of income are
         gained through income taxes, but due to the contact of peasants
         between empires, bad morale and support will spread throughout other
         realms if not controlled quickly.
         Terrorist Prevention
         The terrorist prevention plan is an alliance between two powers'
         intelligence agencies to aid each other in finding and preventing
         terrorist and covert actions against the two realms.
         Intelligence Alliance
         This is an agreement between Realms giving covert aid in terrorist
         and covert operations to other empires on the planet and in
         Inter-planetary conflict.
         Technology Agreement
         An agreement to cooperate in the sciences, this treaty allows an
         empire to gain some of the technological advances of its partner.
         Full Defense Alliance
         This plan, the most balanced and powerful alliance, puts forth a
         large amount of all of your forces in defending an ally in need. 
         NOTE:  This is effective only in Local Games
         Declaration Of War
         This is used to break an agreement with another empire without
         causing internal troubles in your realm.  The treaty is not
         officially broken until the other realm is notified.
         View Treaties
         This option allows you to view relations with the other empires in
         the game.
     Status Screen
     At the beginning of each turn, you will be shown your production for the
     year, including gold, food, and industrial output.  After this, you will
     see the current status of your barony, including military, regions, your
     support throughout the realm, etc.
     Payment/Food Market
     Paying to maintain your empire is a critical expenditure for any
     government.  You must support your military, maintain your land, and pay
     taxes.  Often, you will also need to use money to increase your popular
     support or military morale, lest you risk civil disorder.
     Feeding your empire is also critical.  In order to ensure the health of
     your entire populace, the government controls all food supplies,
     providing to the people as necessary.  To aid your empire, there is also
     a food market managed by the entire planet from which you can buy and
     sell food.  However, the supply is limited, and dependence upon the
     market is dangerous.  Coordinated attacks can destroy your reserves and
     the general market, leaving you in a dangerous situation.  Without food,
     morale and public support will quickly fall and may lead to internal
     Covert Operations
     Covert Operations are the heart of any successful campaign.  Attacking
     an empire requires only military supremacy.  However, to successfully
     wage war and minimize damage, one must be able to strike at the heart of
     the enemy and remove the opponent's ability to fight back.  Well timed
     and coordinated covert operations can immensely help in this task.  By
     weakening an enemy internally, one takes less losses fighting
         Send Spy
         Allows you to attempt to get military information on another realm. 
         This operation takes place immediately.
         Stir Revolts
         Through propaganda, your intelligence agency can create doubts in
         your opponent's populace, causing rioting and revolting, reducing
         popular support and placing the enemy government in jeopardy.
         Set Up
         This will work to make two empires believe they have declared war on
         each other, possibly leading to combat.  If successful, any treaty
         between the two empires is void.  Used against empires with defense
         pacts could make attacking one notably easier.
         Support Dissensions
         Using extremely strong propaganda, your agents may be capable of
         internally sabotaging an opponent's military, causing a portion of
         Troopers to flee.
         Demoralize Forces
         This covert operation infiltrates an enemy's military camps with
         agents set out to reduce the effectiveness of his or her forces.
         Spy On Relations
         Your agents will work to learn of all treaties of a particular
         empire.  This is useful pre-war intelligence, in that you can learn
         of vast alliance networks and/or trade partners.
         Bomb Enemy Targets
         Using terrorist methods, your intelligence agency will randomly bomb
         targets, causing widespread destruction in your opponent's barony.
         Bribing an enemy agent gives you the benefit of learning information
         on the tactics of an opposing intelligence center, allowing your
         forces to more effectively prevent incoming covert operations.
         Expose Enemy Ops
         This operation takes full advantage of your bribed agent.  By
         relaying all known information, your bribed agent effectively gives
         you almost 100% immunity from incoming covert operations from his
         home empire.  However, because of the level of risk to your agent,
         this operation is only effective for 24 hours.
     The Bank
     The bank provides both a safe storage of money and an interest-gaining
     environment.  In addition, you can get cash relief loans from the
     planetary leadership as well as make investments for the future. 
     Investments provide their own interest rates, which often fluctuate
     depending on the amount of investing at any particular time.
     NOTE:  Interest, Loans, and Investments are only accessible in the
     registered version of this game.
     Spending Menu
     The heart of your empire is centered upon having a strong defense and
     large amount of land.  At this menu, you can buy and sell both,
     depending on the setup of the game.  In many setups, the amount of
     military you can purchase is limited or even non-existant, in which case
     Industrial production is your primary or sole option (Industrial
     production is explained below).
     This lets to switch between selling and buying.  Depending on your
     immediate goals, it may be in your best interests to sell off excess
     equipment, although it can only be sold at a fraction of the buying
         Troopers serve as both offensive and defensive battle units.  While
         not very strong on either end, they are fairly cheap both to buy and
         maintain.  One drawback is the added need for food, as compared to
         other units.
         These units serve as offensive-only military units.  About twice as
         powerful as a soldier on offense, they make a formidable attack
         weapon.  However, they cannot defend and, while cheap to buy, can be
         relatively expensive to maintain.
         The counterpart to Jets, Turrets are defensive-only weapons about
         twice as powerful as the Trooper.  Like Jets, however, they are
         relatively expensive to maintain.  Nevertheless, Turrets can make a
         strong, full-time defense and are impossible to destroy through
         terrorist operations.
         Bombers are special attack forces.  They have no offensive or
         defensive strength, but can be used in special missions.
         Interplanetary bombings require bombers to drop the payload, and in
         attacks, they can be used to target and destroy grounded enemy jets.
         Your command headquarters is essential in coordinating your military
         attacks.  A strong HQ gives tanks better coordination and can
         improve the effectiveness of tanks drastically.
         Region Buying
         You can buy the following types of regions:
              Coastal lands are excellent for the tourism and resort
              industry.  In good conditions, they are an extremely effective
              money generator.  However, with low public support, your
              populace loses interest and Coastal territory production slumps
              The mountains are an excellent source for mining natural
              resources.  Because there are few factors affecting production,
              mountains provide the most stable source of income, but at the
              same time, they do not average as much as other regions. 
              Because mountains are a source of good raw materials, a large
              number of mountains also tends to boost productivity of your
              Industrial regions.
              Dry desert land supports the development of solar power
              generation extremely well.  Profiting from these generates
              fluctuates greatly due to climate conditions, but, on the
              average, produce more gold than do mountains, but less than
              Coastals in good conditions.
              Industry is the basis of a strong economy.  While in some
              setups you can buy any and all military goods you will need
              during war, others do not allow purchasing at all.  In those
              cases, Industry is your only source of military power. 
              Industry, forced into free-market competition, is also more
              efficient at producing military than you buying from the
              market.  With a good base of Mountain regions, industrials can
              produce even more goods.
              Rivers are both an excellent source of revenue through
              hydroelectric power and a source of food through fishing. 
              While most years the rivers produce vast supplies of gold, more
              so than any other region, they are often wrought with problems
              and used instead for fishing to bring extra food into the
              empire.  The people of the land determine what will be produced
              yearly, without your input.
              Self-sufficiency in terms of food production is almost a
              necessity in a world wracked by constant conflict.  Without a
              stable global market to buy and sell food, you may often find
              yourself with no source of food outside of your barony. 
              Agricultural regions provide you with a solution to that
              problem, and in times of global food shortages, could give you
              bargaining power in selling off surpluses.
              By building strong urban centers, you vastly increase the
              number of people able to live in your empire.  These people
              bring in more tax revenue, and with strong trade agreements,
              provide empires with vast new markets from which to produce
              even more cash.
              Technology regions are a powerful source of longterm
              enhancements.  Maintaining these research centers early may
              prove costly, but with time, they allow you to vastly increase
              the productivity of your empire economically and militarily. 
              Technology regions lead to the following improvements:
              - Increased military efficiency
              - Increased region output
              - Decreased maintenance costs on regions, military, and SDI
              - Decreased Food spoilage
              - Increased Tax income
              As the game progresses, your costs will slowly decrease and
              efficiency will increase (there will not be specific
              Enemies can use various technological weapons (such as Nuclear
              Missiles) to reduce your once productive regions to waste. 
              These regions, while still requiring maintenance, produce
              nothing for your empire.  They can, however, be decontaminated
              at a much lower cost than buying new regions.
              Covert Agents
              A strong Intelligence Agency is based upon having a large
              supply of agents.  In general, the larger number of agents you
              are armed with relative to an opponent, the more successful
              your covert operations will be and the less successful enemies
              will be against you.
              The tank is the most advanced general purpose military weapon
              of your army.  About the equivalent of four Troopers, tanks be
              used both on offense and defense.  Their low yearly maintenance
              costs make them a strong long term investment.
              Carriers are a necessity only in the support role. In order to
              trade with other realms, often carriers must be sent for
              transport.  In combat, Jets have to be transported to the
              battle field as well, and one carrier serves to transport 100
     The strength of an empire is often determined by its ability to wage
     war.  The final blow in waging war is the actual combat between two
     militaries, and here is where you get that opportunity.  All of the
     building and developing to create the most powerful empire is tested in
         Regular Attack
         This is the only true military battle between two realms.  A
         successful assault an opposing empire brings you extra regions which
         you can then recolonize to build as you wish.
         Nuclear Attack
         Nuclear weapons are a good source of crippling an opponent.  While
         costly, the nuclear missile transforms a percentage of an enemy's
         regions into waste, which then must either be dropped or slowly
         Chemical Attack
         Similar to nuclear strikes, these missiles affect less actual land,
         but also infect millions of people with deadly chemical gases,
         significantly reducing an opponent's population.
         Biological Attack
         Biological attacks are similar to the other special attacks, except
         that they do not damage the land itself.  Instead, they are
         effective against both the general populace and military Troopers.
         Attack Pirates
         Pirates often steal military equipment from your empire.  Pirate
         Raids provide you the opportunity to strike back,stealing away
         military equipment as well as land from them.
         Alliance Strength
         This option allows you to see the amount of aid military alliances
         will provide you if attacked.
     Trade between nations is a centerpiece of growth.  In addition to
     helping those in need, many realms with specialized industries coming
     together and trading their goods can build a network of power
     unattainable individually.  Besides normal trade between empires, you
     also can put items for sale on a general market at any price you choose.
Interplanetary Operations
     In Interplanetary Games (Games setup to run between several BBSes) you
     experience the most exciting and challenging aspects of BRE.  Instead of
     playing against up to 25 local players, you are now immersed into a
     universe filled with anywhere up to more than 6000 players scattered
     throughout the world.  Instead of being a single entity, you are now
     part of your BBS, your team, working with them to become the most
     powerful BBS in the league.
         View IPScores
         This option allows you to view the top players and BBSes throughout
         the league ranked by various statistics.
         Terrorist Ops
         These can be highly beneficial in any assault.  Combining the forces
         of espionage and terrorism, you can do heavy damages to your enemy
         right before sending the final devastating attack.  As in local
         covert operations, these operations are vital in destroying an
         enemy's ability to wage war.
         Send Trade Deal
         As in local play, you may send trade deals to other empires on other
         planets.  However, unlike local trade deals, you may not make any
         demands in return for the goods you provide, and the target always
         has to accept that which is sent.
         Create Group Attack
         This will set up a new attack force to be sent to either an entire
         planet or a single Barony.  You can set when the attack leaves and
         before that time, anybody on your planet can join in the attack. 
         Returns will be divided according to the amount of forces you each
         put in.
         Join Group Attack
         This lets to join any of the attack parties waiting to leave.
         Indiv. Attack Force
         This allows you to send your own strike force to a single player on
         another planet.  You get twice as many returns if you send the
         attack yourself, but you can't attack an entire planet.
         Send Message
         As in the local messages (mentioned below), this option allows you
         to send messages to other systems involved in the game.
     Special Operations
     The special operations menu allows you access blah blah blah...
         Bomb Enemy Food Market
         This operation gives you a chance to bomb the central food market of
         another planet.  Many of these, combined with other effective
         operations, have the potential to put enemies through civil war.
         Undermine Investments
         This option allows your forces to covertly weaken an enemy planet's
         basic economy, reducing returns on investments due back in the next
         few days.  Note that only registered systems offer investments.
         Bomb Enemy Trade Market
         If successful, this operation destroys a portion of all goods stored
         in an opposing planet's trading market.
         Bomb Enemy Trade Routes
         This operation attempts to destroy portions of all trade deals in
         transmit throughout an opposing planet.
         These attacks launch powerful missiles against their targets
         damaging a variety of areas of the realm.
         Spy Guy
         This option will send a spy to another BBS.  He(she) will report
         information on all incoming group attacks and Gooie Kablooies
         allowing realms to prepare for the incoming onslaughts.
         Gooie Kablooie Ops
         The Gooie Kablooie is the ultimate weapon of destruction.  Only one
         can be created at a time, and it takes a great deal of funding by
         all members of the BBS.
         Once funded (funding depends on the size of the target), the Gooie
         Kablooie will begin construction.  Once construction is complete (a
         few days), it will be launched to meet it's target.  Immediately
         upon arrival, 10% of the regions on the planet will be destroyed
         instantaneously.  Every day of it's existance after the first day,
         another 5% will be destroyed, up to a max of 5 days at which time it
         will self-destruct.
         The only way to destroy this "thing", is to keep battling it with
         Jets until destroyed.  The destruction of this weapon requires the
         cooperation of the entire planet, as the amount of jets required is
         enormous, and the damage irreversible.
         SDI Program
         Technology has developed space-based protection against a great deal
         of enemy forces in the form of a Strategic Defense Initiative
         program.  Building an SDI, however, is fairly expensive and
         maintaining it will only cost more.  The more territory you control,
         the larger your program will need to be as well.
         The potential benefits of an SDI including destroying up to 50% of
         incoming enemy missiles as well as reducing the effectiveness of
         enemy jets and bombers attacking your realm by up to 30% and 20%
         Spy Database
         Because your planet is working as a team, any spy reports obtained
         about an empire on another planet is stored in a global database,
         which can be accessed by this option.
         Travel Times
         This option lists the approximated time for data to travel to
         another BBS and back.  Generally, most operations you do will take
         about this long.
     Communication is often a centerpiece of cooperation, whether between
     individual empires or between planets.  Use the messages to coordinate,
     plan, and organize your offenses, alliances, and general plans.
     System Menu
     The system menu is a special menu accessible from the Spending menu.  It
     supports a variety of options that aren't accessed frequently, such as
     controlling the tax rate in your empire and setting industrial
     production levels.  In addition, it allows you to access a variety of
     other menus such as the Covert Ops and Trading out of sequence.  The
     Preferences submenu also allows you to normally skip a variety of menus
     that aren't used often.  The option to abdicate will immediately delete
     your empire from the game so you may start over the next day.  This menu
     is constantly changing in each version, so various options may appear as
     time goes by.
     Barren Realms Elite is a game which has been designed to be simple to
     learn initially, but success is based a great deal on experience and
     cooperation.  Much information has been left out of the documentation so
     that you can learn by experience rather than reading instructions.  Used
     in InterBBS mode, BRE is a much more competitive and enjoyable game,
     requiring a great deal of cooperation and organization between players. 
     We hope you enjoy the game, and good luck!

The Game of the Month

Run your own Funeral Parlor at our Funeral Quest Server RIGHT HERE


Happy New Year!

Well who can believe that we are finally in 2021!  Happy New Year Everyone.  

The Game of the Month is back.  We are sorry that the site hasn't been updated in a very long time, but finally I have the time to make some things happen.  It seems that the turning of a new year is always a great time for me to focus on the site a little bit and do some work to the system.

Since we really never had the Game of the Month operating right from April of last year, we are running the same game.  Our Game of the Month for the first month of the New Year is Murder Motel.  Find parts of your weapon and go on the hunt.  The winner of this months game of the month will be the one with the most kills at the end of January.  Good Luck.  The winner will win a Section One BBS T-Shirt.
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April's Game of the Month - Murder Motel

It's been a while for our Game of the Month contest.  We've had one running for a while, but just never got it out to the public and published.  But we are ready to start it up again.

Our game of the month for April 2020 is Murder Motel.  

If you've ever seen Psycho or Thunderdome, you know what to expect.  Your job is to meander through the motel and find your weapon parts, put them together and get your victim before they get you.  Everyone is hunting someone.

The winner will be the player with the highest kill count at the end of April.  The winner will get our famous Section One BBS T-Shirt.  But you have to play to win!
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August's Game of the Month

Hey Everyone, It's a new month and a New Game.  Our game for the month of August, 2019 is "SkyCop."  

In SkyCop you get to be an Air Traffic Controller guiding airplanes full of people all around your region and safely landing them in local airports.  See why this job is such a stressful one.  This game is based off of the actual software that is used to train real Air Traffic Controllers, but done in a way that makes it easy for everyone to learn.  Can you keep the planes from crashing into each other?  Can you keep the people safe, by giving commands that will safely land their airplanes.  Can you handle the pressure?

Our winner will be the person who has the highest score at the end of the month and they will receive a free BBS T-Shirt.  Join in and play today.  You never know, our winner for August, just might be YOU!!!
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July's Winner

Congratulations to our winner of July's Game of the Month, "Vegas Slots."  Sandy was our high roller this month.  She scored the top take of $1,000.  It didn't have to be high as we had so few players for the month.  

For her score and win, she will receive our free Section One BBS T-shirt.  You can log in today and play our new game of the Month and win yourself one of the T-Shirts as well.
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New Funeral Quest Tournament Starts Today!

Our Funeral Quest Server was reset today.  Our last 90 day tournament is over.  Miss Ery is the clear winner with 2,654 Bury Points.  As the winner, she is receiving a $25 Gift Card to Best Buy!

Our new tournament starts today and will run until the end of September.  You can connect to it in Microsoft Edge Browser as it has a bug in it that keeps it from working in Chrome and Firefox.  connect at

Happy Undertaking!
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July's Game of the Month

Happy Independence Day!  It's the month of the day that we celebrate the victory.  There is also another victory to be won this month, and that is Section One BBS's Game of the Month.  Our game for July 2019 is "Vegas Slots."  

Vegas Slots is an entertaining slot machine game that simulates the machines found in gambling casinos.  It is a fun and highly addictive game.  Place a bet and Pull the handle.  Where will it stop?  You start with $1,000 and the Jackpot goes up every day.  The #1 Scorer at the end of the month will win the Free BBS T-Shirt.  Good Luck, You are going to need it!
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June's Winner

It wasn't a game that was played much, but it was still our game of the month, and we still have a winner.  Congratulations to Mopar Man who won our game of the month for June 2019, "Scavenger Hunt."  It wasn't a high score, but he played and had the best record, so he will be receiving our Free BBS T-Shirt.  

You can get one of those free T-Shirts as well, by playing next month's Game.  Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!
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June's Game of the Month

Our Game of the Month for June 2019 starts today!  

The game of the Month for June is Scavenger Hunt.  You are assigned 10 objects that you must run around to collect to win each round.  The problem is that other players are running around the same space, looking for their 10 objects and they might even be looking for some of the same things that you are.  Some of those objects will be right out in front of you while others might be in locked fixtures that require you to find keys to open.  You might have to beat up other players to see what they are holding, especially if you need it.  But watch out for the booby traps.  

You can steal from others, play tricks on others and even booby trap the items that they need.  How many rounds can you win in 25 days?  The game will run through the entire month of June and our winner will be the one with the most rounds won and highest points.  But you can't win if you don't play.  So log in to the BBS today and happy hunting!
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